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And her huge dog is included in the cool party! =) Hayden Panettiere celebrated her 19th birthday last August 21 but she waited until Sunday afternoon (August 24) for her big pool party with family and friends. Hayden wore a super sexy gold sparkly two-piece bikini along with a gold “Rockstar” necklace and a big […]

And her verdict? The whole incident was just blown way out of proportion by the sheriff who talked to the media. Hayden Panettiere‘s father, Alan, was previously arrested for felony spousal abuse last August 11 but was released on bail the same day. He was seen jogging with his wife, Lesley, the next morning. Hayden […]

Wearing a cute short black dress, Hayden Panettiere rocked the mic at the Nextflix Live! hosted event last August 9. She performed with The Band from TV, composed of James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Greg Grunberg (Hayden‘s Heroes castmate and friend), Jesse Spencer (House M.D.) and Bob Guiney (The Bachelor and TLC’s Date My House).

As we previously posted HERE, our fave Heroes babe did gave her all-out support to The Band from TV on the recent Netflix Live! held at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles last August 9. Hayden Panettiere introduced the group and joined them later for some singing sessions. Enjoy her photos as she arrived […]

Where? In her very own multi-million dollar home that she had spent several months decorating! Hayden Panettiere recently described how wonderful her new Los Angeles home is. She said, “I bought a house. I spent my summer setting up my new house and buying furniture. It’s a good size. It’s contemporary. It’s a space that […]

“Heroes” indestructible cheeleader shows up at the Ford Flex Rally party to lend support to costar Greg Grunberg (with her in the photo above). After photos of her brunette locks swarmed the internet, Hayden Panettiere is now back with her blonde hair — cut to a charming bob! =) The animal-loving actress and activist showed […]

We previously reported that the Heroes babe is aware of the lesbian rumors surrounding her, and even gamely said she’d like Angelina Jolie to be her lover (you can read about it HERE). But is Hayden Panetierre really a lesbian?? Maybe her interview with the UK edition of Glamour magazine will confirm that. In the […]

She’s been bullied in high school, did not fit in with her same age friends, and through it all, the Heroes actress remained strong. Hayden Panettiere shared that her life was like an episode of Dawson’s Creek (and those other teen shows). She says, “They [other girls in her school] all went through the ‘you […]

Despite being bullied in school, the Heroes babe never became a loner. Instead Hayden Panettiere found friends in the older age group. She relates, “I’ve grown up in this business. And being exposed to a lot of adults and people older than me makes you an adult before your time. I hang out with a […]

Say what?? A genius?? LOL! The Heroes actress must be out of her mind for saying that! But according to ContactMusic.com, Hayden Panettiere did say that in defense of Paris Hilton’s airheaded party girl image. For those not in the know, the 18-year old actress has been a close friend of Paris‘ for several years. […]