haydenpanettiere_genesisawards2.jpgDespite being bullied in school, the Heroes babe never became a loner. Instead Hayden Panettiere found friends in the older age group. She relates,

“I’ve grown up in this business. And being exposed to a lot of adults and people older than me makes you an adult before your time. I hang out with a lot of older people. I do feel older. I always felt that way. I’d see a lot of kids would be my age and I couldn’t hang out with them, when I was about 15, because I felt I’d be hanging out with younger people.”

Hmm, maybe that’s why she and Milo Ventimiglia gets along fine despite their huge 12-year gap. And instead of being a follower of her older friends, the blonde cheerleader says,

“Peer pressure has never affected me. I’m a strong enough person to do my own thing.”